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NABBA Scandinavia announces a new partnership with GOQ

Posted by on Dec 28, 2014

NABBA Scandinavia announces a new partnership with GOQ

GOQ becomes a new partners to the NABBA Scandinavia as of January 1, 2015. The cooperation is based primarily on GOQ Magazine as a new media partners to NABBA Scandinavias events and contest.

GOQ (GO Quality) have bound together both health and sports in a easy way for everyone in a magazine format. It punches holes in all health and sports myths by having an independent testing organization that analyzes all products, methods and systems that we use. This is to ensure a positive outcome for all our readers, customers and members.

GOQ is a health and fitness system that fits all, for both elite and for those who no exercise at all. Here will our readers and members get help with physical activity, tips, advice and cooking credited in our method. There, you can choose what you prefer, or rather how often you want to activate you.

Everything is tailored to you so it will minimally to affect your life and create routines in a simple and entertaining way.

For more information about GOQ:

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