National Amateur Body-Builders' Association Scandinavia


It is our goal to bring together a strong Scandinavia in body Building and the fitness indusries, true our experience at NABBA – National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association Scandinavia and WFF- World Fitness Federation Scandinavia.

One way that we do that is by offering You to work with the original barands NABBA and WFF and make your own top-level events and competinons as a franchisees.

Fitness is one of the fastest growing sports and today engages hundred thousands people in Scandinavia. This concept is perfect for you today who already have for example, your own gym or an event company.

You will organize a high-quality events, expo and competitions that both attracts audiences and sponsors. NABBA Scandinavia solves allmost everything from marketing to making the events, the only thing You need to do now is to contact us for more details by email